About Us

Where It Began…

Lloyd’s Landscape Contracting started as a family owned and operated business back in 1963 which was originally Lloyd’s Landscaping Ltd. But in 2018 after many years of growing and different changes amongst family’s it was decided to actually change things from a full service business to two separate businesses.

In doing so we are able to then concentrate on what each part of the business specialize in to serve each and every client for the better. Lloyd’s now operates as one company being Lloyd’s Landscape Contracting doing full design build services and many more and Lloyd’s Ground Management Professionals doing full service grounds maintenance.

Lloyd’s Landscape Contracting was started by Richard Lloyd Sr. who had only intended on doing some grass cutting part time after his full time job at the Cherry St. Train tower in Toronto. After a few months Richard built up quite a client list and found there was more potential in pursuing a path in the Landscape industry by opening his own business. With wife Evelyn and 5 kids to take care of, he found himself being able to provide for his family with a lot more ease.

A Family Run Business

When we say family business we mean family business. Evelyn had been the one doing the office side of things and when his 5 children were able, they were doing what they could also. Eventually Rick Jr. and Paul (eldest sons) had taken over the ranks of the business and Louise, Kim (daughters) were in the office and Shawn (son) was in the field. Of course from then the company grew and there started to be grandchildren in the business.

All of the family members in the business knows what is expected when work is done at a clients house because with a multi generation company it is a very proud thing to say many years later that my father or grandfather did this work. We run into jobs now were we do work for clients that we had previously done work for almost 30 years ago, which to us it a big accomplishment. Having a reputation like that is what we strive for when we do work for any clients whether it be a big or small project.